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Property Care: Damp Proofing Glasgow Tips

Do you own an older building? If you do, you will know that there is a level of property management that is required. A lot goes into property management, from damp proofing to woodworm treatment. Damp specialist Glasgow, Richardson and Starling, give us their advice on how to look after an older building.

Damp Specialist Glasgow & UK

Damp is pretty common, and although it affects thousands of UK homes, it is important that the problem is treated as soon as possible. Leaving a damp problem to lie could damage the structure of your home. This is an expensive mistake to make as it will require months of repair work or even worse closure.

The best way to spot damp is that there may be a scent of dampness coming from your building. Once you have established this, it is advised that you contact a damp specialist who can complete a survey of your property.

If you know a little about property repair, then you will know there are a number of factors which can cause dampness. In most cases, the main causes are rising damp and penetrating damp.

damp proofing glasgow

Damp Proofing Glasgow

If you are looking to stop damp, then you will need some sort of damp proofing material inside the structure of your home. Damp Proofing Glasgow says that “your wall can act a bit like a sponge when this happens”.

If it is too late, there are a number of signs which you can look out for, one being that a tidemark may appear on your wall, usually at the bottom. This occurs as a tide mark appears due to salt depositing on the wall. If this is visible in your home and this sign does occur, call your local damp specialist.

Rising damp can be extremely destructive as it will work its way through decoration, plaster, and furnishings.

Penetrating Damp

How does penetrating damp sneak into your property?

  • Through The Roof
  • The Walls
  • Sub Ground Areas

If you notice any dampness, watermarks, or growths of mould, this is most likely to be a damp problem. Damp also has a distinctive, musty smell, this usually occurs when there has been damage to timber within a property.

Damp Proofing Glasgow

It may take a few days to complete the damp proofing process as your contractor and property repair specialist must ensure the building is protected from the ground up. Once the course has been added this will protect your property from property problems such as penetrating damp, rising damp and below ground damp.

Your team of damp proofing professionals will install a damp proofing system with a control barrier. This type of protection can be applied to the walls and floors of your property. This system is created with specialist material that will stop moisture from passing into your property.

Damp Proofing Guarantee

Make sure that the contractor that you hire offers a guarantee on their repair work. The usual guarantee which is offered by damp specialists can last up to 30 years.