The Best Ways To Brand Your Small Business

Many argue that there is an obvious link between successful businesses and strong branding and in most cases this is true. Branding doesn’t have to be expensive for it to work, however, it should tell your customers more about your business and the product or service it provides.

What Is the Purpose of Branding?

In recent years, millennials have gone crazy of branding trends. From Coca-Cola’s name bottles to personalised packaging from make-up brand KYLIE. The finishing touches of a brand can make a significant difference on how your customers define your brand.

There are many benefits to having a strategically defined brand and improved sales are just one of them. Customers that have a connection with a brand are more likely to return to it and even recommend it to their friends.

So what are the most important factors of branding? Here is a list of a few, easy ways you can use branding to attract your customer base.


Logo Design


The famous words by Logo Designer, Saul Bass. Saul created a mighty portion of the logo and branding materials for some of the world’s biggest businesses. From Kleenex to American Airlines, there wasn’t any product that he couldn’t brand.

Many logo designers believe that a logo should send a message to consumers, even at a glance, suggesting that first impressions really do count.

Design should always loom professional and if your small business doesn’t have a graphic designer on hand, we would suggest that you hired a professional logo designer. These days, online logo design comes reasonably price and many designers offer amendments to their first and second draft of a design.

Consistency is Key

Be consistent. Brand your business from stationary to custom mugs – be careful to use the most modern version of your company logo.

Not only will this build on the character of your business but it may help customers understand what your business does better.

MS Mugs create printed mugs for businesses with their logo printed on them. Ms Mugs “prices depend on artwork, colours and quantity supplied; generally, the more mugs you buy the lower the price per mug and the more colours in the design, the higher the price.”

 Stand Up For What You Believe In

Brands like MAC are known for their work with AIDs awareness charities. Their VIVA GLAM campaign stands up for a cause that they are passionate about. Some big brands shy away from major awareness campaigns as there are so many levels of management and approval.

Small businesses have more scope to stand up for what they believe in. This will attract customers and may let your business outshine its competitors who may not be as passionate about charitable work.

Branding and Communicating

Brands are often diluted by continuous sales and price slashes. Entice your customers by offering them seasonal promotions. This will benefit your brand in the long run as the exclusivity of your sale will encourage customers to spend more with your brand.

After reading this article have a think about your business. What does it believe in and is this clear to your customers? Be transparent and make sure that you are sending your customers the right brand message.