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Scissor Lifts Can Help Grow Your Business

Businesses change in size; they expand when times are good and contract when they are not so good. A changing business requires a change in surroundings. Moving office is a common and regular part of business, but many companies fail to take into consideration the logistics and materials needed for a full relocation. Choosing the right moving boxes is one simple way to reduce costs and remove potential logistical headaches, and this can be helped by scissor lifts.

When it comes to ecommerce business – one of today’s main ways of driving sales – the choice of packing box is a critical one. Damage inflicted to products during shipping can result in an unhappy customer, which in turn could affect your brand’s reputation. While larger businesses can take knocks from individual complaints and customers, smaller companies have to be far warier. One disgruntled customer can have a severe negative impact on sales for a small business, so ensuring that all your packages are protected as comprehensively as possible should be a top priority.

Scissor Lifts & The Importance of Protective Packing Boxes

The first line of defense when it comes to protective packaging for most companies is the trust heavy duty cardboard box. The standard container for anything that doesn’t need a full transit van to deliver, the cardboard packing box protects goods and is a serious boon in maintaining the integrity of your package.

Despite all appearances, there are many different forms of cardboard box. It is advised that you go for a heavy duty cardboard box made from double wall corrugate cardboard, as these boxes will provide good protection for your goods while in transit and when placed on scissor lifts. The strength of the cardboard also allows them to be stacked, reducing the chance of your goods being crushed in transit. When used in conjunction with other packing materials, the odds of any serious damage being caused to packed items is minimal.

Packing boxes can be bought in bulk to reduce the cost to your business; the economy of scale works across all industries. Be sure to check the specs of any packing or moving boxes you are looking to buy. It’s frustrating to buy a large amount of boxes, only to find out they are unsuitable for business.

scissor lifts

How to Choose the Right Moving Boxes for Office Relocation

When it comes to moving office, you want to ensure that your moving boxes are up to scratch. They ensure that your office supplies and electronics will be transferred between locations without any damage being inflicted. Damage to office goods will result in increased costs to the business. Considering moving offices can already cost a substantial amount, minimising potential additional costs is key to the planning process. Scissor lifts may be a potential option for larger items.

As before, look for heavy duty cardboard boxes when moving. Double walled corrugate cardboard is the ideal material; it provides good protection and is environmentally friendly, as it can be recycled. Environmentalism is critical for two reasons: the environment is key to all who live within it and should be protected, and a good environmental image gives a company a positive public image. By using cardboard that can be recycled, a company can show that they are a considerate and eco-friendly business.

Companies selling moving boxes and protective packaging will often sell full office moving kits and similar such packages to make things easier when choosing the proper goods to facilitate an office relocation. Look for these as they can save money and reduce the time required in gathering the necessary materials for an office move.

For large removals for corporate purposes then it may be best to investigate in scissor lifts or pallet movers.