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10 Mind-blowing Facts About Social Media

Social Media is all around is and doesn’t appear to going away anytime soon. Most of us spend our days on one social media platform or another and it has become a part of everyday culture. The benefits and features grow by the day and most of us think we know all there is to know about maintaining an online presence. If you were ever in doubt about the reach and power of social media, have a look at 10 of the most astonishing facts out there about social media.


  • According to Facebook’s full year results for last year, the social giant has increased the number of people visiting its platform at least once a month to 1.86 billion, up 17% year-on-year. By comparison, China’s 2016 population was estimated to be 1.37 billion.


  • 80% of companies use or are planning to use, LinkedIn as a tool to find employees during the course of this year. The site has just celebrated reaching its 45-millionth membership and continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms in the world of business.


  • Around 64% of marketers are using social media for 5 hours or more each week during campaigns, with 39% using it for 10 or more hours per week. Marketing campaigns on social media are becoming an increasingly popular platform to attract customers.

Social Media Facts

  • Radio was once king and it took 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. Television took 13 years to reach 50 million users. The internet took four years to reach 50 million people. But in less than nine months, Facebook reached 100 million users. Perhaps social media is now king.


  • 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. This shows that social media can be used to measure customer satisfaction.


  • There are 40 million active small business pages on Facebook and 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook.  The social media advertising statistics show that small-sized companies should consider paying for Facebook ads in order to gain visibility and surpass competitors relatively easily.

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  • Twitter is the network for those happy to keep their public posts to 140 characters or less. Twitter has over 317 million monthly active users, with around 80% living outside the USA.


  • 78% of people who complain to a brand on Twitter expect a response within an hour. Customers are turning to social media outlets to unleash their frustration or questions. Responding to your company’s tweets should be of high priority.


  • Latest studies found that adding hashtags had no effect on engagement rates. In fact, tweets without hashtags outperformed tweets with hashtags. Therefore, it is better to focus on the quality of your original content instead of overly relying on hashtags for increasing engagement.


  • Instagram aims to target the younger generation and is doing so effectively. 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35. Instagram has become the social media network for targeting millennials.

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