Society And Politics

Is diversity solely based on race and gender, or is diversity more about
someones background, their interests, their style, their culture etc.?

Too many people like to say that activists are just misguided individuals,
but could it simply be that they are just try to have their voice heard?

Now our TVs can only debate important issues in society from
the very black and white view of the left and the rights side of politics.

But the world is not left wing or right wing, it is infinitely
more diverse, and the world we live in is getting very out of touch with his
very basic ideology.

People in politics are also becoming increasingly corrupt, even
in developed Western countries like the UK and the USA.

This leads to bad outcomes for the general public and good
outcomes for corporations that help the politicians get to their place of

But what can be done about this problem?

Well lots of people are becoming out of touch with politics
and the views of both right and left wing politics.

Right wing politics has in the past gone too far, and
history has showed us this time and time again.

But left wing politics is much harder to define when exactly
they have gone too far, even though it does still happen.

It is a very complicated issue, and it is very difficult to
say when a left wing issue is to much for society.

One example is in equality of outcome, when governments
state that no matter a persons ability to work hard and make a good life for themselves,
the end result should be the same for everyone.

This is a dangerous left wing idea, and thankfully it often gets
met with resistance, but it is still being openly discussed in politics today.